Imagine sitting down with friends once a month to share a meal and catch up. Now imagine doing all that with Christian friends who also want to become better disciples. That’s a supper club at Grace.

Members of the group take turns hosting a meal either in their home or at a local restaurant. Grace forms new supper clubs every quarter. Four to six households are represented in the group, so you’ll only have one turn to host, maximum. The conversation is light, but there are some serious questions that go with every meal.

This is more than, “I’m fine. How are you?” The goal is to create a safe place to share the things that are bothering you. In other words, this question means, “How are you feeling? How is your health? What positive or negative thoughts are you having? How is your relationship with God?” You might be having a great week. You might be having the worst time of your life. While the group can’t solve every problem, they can promise you this: You won’t be alone. You’ll have a place to share the highs and lows of your life.
Again, this is a bigger question than you might think. Discipleship is about growing and learning. So this question want’s to push deeper and ask how you are doing that intentionally. You might be trying to pray more often. You could be trying to lose a pound or two. Share this in the group when you are ready, and they can encourage you along the way towards success.
This one is exactly what you think it is. You may have shared this in answering one of the other questions. Or it may be a new concern that you were working up to sharing. Either way, this question reminds us that our prayer for each other is important and requires some thought.