The blessings abound each year for the families that find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. The blessings are also powerful for the volunteers that come to help set up and operate the Toy Store each year. During the Toy Store, you will often see tears of joy flowing from both parents and volunteers. It is truly an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the Christmas season.

This year’s Toy Store will be December 3rd – 7th.  540 families were welcomed to shop last year. The cost for each family was $3 per child.  That price entitled parents to their choice of five gifts per child under age 12 and three gifts per teenager. Nearly 1,300 children received gifts as a result of this ministry program supported by you!

Reelfoot Rural Ministries serves low-income households in Northwest Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky.  We will be collecting monies October 8th through 22nd, to purchase new toys for the Toy Store at Reelfoot.  Volunteers will purchase toys; take them to Reelfoot; help with set-up and work in the store.  See Gail Hopper if you would like to volunteer!  This ministry is only possible because of your support; your generosity will be appreciated.