Wednesdays at Grace offer a weekly opportunity to meet the disciples who meet at Grace. But what if you want to get to know each other better? You could invite folks over. You could go out for a nice meal. Or you could join a Grace Group.

Grace Groups are designed to develop friendships and accountable discipleship.

Here’s the process:



Every few months, we shuffle the members of the groups to offer a chance for people to get to know a new crowd of people. Joining a group is as easy as signing up. Call the office for details, or email [email protected]


Your group will take volunteers for hosting your monthly gatherings. Some folks open their homes. Others make reservations for the group at a local restaurant. During the meal, you have a chance to find out more about your fellow disciples.


Though the focus is on getting to know each other, a brief devotion is shared. The conversation then turns to the application of the concept and how we “do life” together as disciples of Jesus Christ. Want more information? Read more here or contact us using the form below.

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