Grace United Methodist Church exists to impart the wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth and the traditions of the Church. Teaching is at the heart of our mission and ministry, but not without purpose beyond the lessons. The transformation of the world requires equipping of disciples.

Find your place among us as we learn together how to strengthen our discipleship through the unfolding of Scripture, the discovery of Tradition, the sharing of Experience, and the exercise of Reason.

MAD Week – June 5 through 9

We're very excited to present "Jonah's Druthers A Whale of a Tale from the Good Book"!  "Hold onto yer horses and get ready for a true tale from the Good Book like you've never heard it before! Jonah, the prophet of Israel sends and receives telegraphs to and from the...
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A Guide to Better Discipleship and Participation

Most of us remember a day when you didn't need a guide to better discipleship and participation. Attending worship services and Sunday School were a given. Our social calendars used to revolve around church services and classes. No one was competing for Sunday Morning...
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Recommended Reading – Celebration of Discipline

Selected Bibliography Each week in our Celebration of Discipline class (Wednesdays at 6pm, right after our fellowship meal), we close with a pair of recommended books for further reading -- one old and ancient and venerable, the other a more recent offering from...
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Men’s Devotional Group Meets Mondays

Our Men's Devotional Group provides adult Christian men a fresh vision and of God's Word with notes that focus specifically on men's concerns. Over 330 daily studies by Stuart Briscoe guide men to Scripture passages and key verses that apply to issues facing men....
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Disciple I Class to Begin February 19!

Disciple I is a program of disciplined Bible study aimed at developing strong Christian leaders. The study gives the Old and New Testaments equal time, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. DISCIPLE draws upon the work of scholars, the...
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Lessons from the Pastor’s Study

Every week, I study the lectionary passages for the upcoming weeks in order to prepare for the task of preaching. Not all of it makes it into the sermon -- there's just not enough time. So each Sunday, we offer a class for adults to reveal the material that didn't...
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Life Journaling

An old favorite returns!  Do you feel like you look back over the page of scripture you just read and have no idea what just happened?   Do you find the stories interesting, but they are not really speaking to you? LIFE Journaling may be your solution. Join us on...
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Centering Prayer

Develop your prayer skills with this practical class on Centering Prayer. Find a renewed sense of peace and closeness with God using these simple, but effective, techniques of ancient prayer practices. Sessions held on Tuesday nights. Drop in and out between 5-7. Keep...
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Practices in Discipleship

Here's the plan for the remainder of the Fall Semester.  Wednesdays @ Grace currently features Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. Students of Richard Foster's work have developed a deeper sense of discipleship and discovered a world beyond attending worship...
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