Grace’s student ministry is ready to rock and roll this semester! Our first meeting was this past Wednesday and we had a great meal, a great turnout, and a wonderful time reconnecting. The HUB members and leaders continue to have faithful and consistent attendance and are committed to regular investment in our church life and worship services. While we have reached some of our small group goals, we continue to look for more ways to be involved in the life and growth of Grace UMC.

This semester, The HUB is including some “out of the box” planning for our students. This new initiative is called, “HUB Hosts,” who are people of Grace UMC who are willing to open their homes to us on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm. During our time in their home, The HUB will:

1) Eat dinner (either provided by our hosts or brought by The HUB)
2) Share recent “highs ‘n lows” with each other
3) Do a Bible Study
4) Play a game or two (or three )
5) Connect and fellowship with our Host Family. Give them a big “HUB Thank You!”

This “HUB Hosts” initiative addresses some of our long-term needs while also connecting us to the congregation of Grace in a better way. One of our long-term needs has been finding an appropriate “space” in which our students can meet. It has been difficult finding a consistent space on Grace UMC’s campus that provides our students with enough room to be active, enough quiet for us to focus and listen to each other, and enough of a relaxing environment so it doesn’t feel like just another classroom setting for them. HUB Hosts can give us a fresh perspective in the midst of our ready-to-be-mobile attitude. And just as importantly, it gives us a new vehicle to explore the wonderful world of our Grace congregation and the interesting and inspiring people who define who Grace UMC is!

If you are interested in being a “HUB Host,” please let us know! Contact Lisa Powell (Youth Director).  You can pick a Wednesday during this semester that is convenient for you! Here are five options of how you can be involved!

o   Option #1: Offer your house and a meal.

o   Option #2: Provide a meal and we will be glad to reimburse you for the food.

o   Option #3: We (The HUB) can bring the meal to you! We just want to spend the evening with you.

o   Option #4: Provide your house and we can team you up with someone who would like to offer a meal.

o   Option #5: Provide a meal and we’ll team you up with someone who can provide a house!

A schedule of Host Homes for this fall semester will be shared with the office at Grace to help all of us to be on the same page. Parents of HUB members, here are a few guidelines for you:

1)      Make sure you make appropriate changes to your standing Wednesday night dinner reservations.

2)      Transportation will be available to and from Host Homes if necessary. Please let Lisa know if you need help!

3)      Respond and communicate with Lisa whether or not your HUB student will be attending specific Wednesday nights.

4)      Please arrive NO EARLIER than 5pm. We want to respect our Host’s space and time.

 We are excited about the new possibilities and all that this year holds! We have some great students who have sweet spirits and loads of talent. We are so very blessed!

Current Schedule:

August 16 – Giampapa HUB Host

August 23 – Grace UMC

August 30 – Durham HUB Host