dream center

The Dream Center ministers to homeless women and children in Jackson.  Here are some ways you can help!
1)  PRAYERS!  Please pray that God will sustain them through this ministry for women and children.
2)  Skilled laborers are needed.  Can you work with electricity?  Plumbing?  Can you hang dry wall?  Each are needed to help with building upkeep.
3)  Food donations!  They need fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, milk, meat, and canned foods are greatly needed.
4)  Do you have any new and gently used clothing to help build self confidence in the women and children?
5)  VOLUNTEER – the rewards are great and plentiful!
6)  Could you Adopt-a-Room?  It takes $2500 to renovate one room to make it possible to house more people in comfort.

If you can help in any of these ways, please call:  731-512-0095 or go to:  [email protected]