We are very excited about Youth Week this year; it will take place July 16-19. There have been some pretty cool changes and improvements to this fantastic week of service, worship, fun, and fellowship. First of all, all of youth week will take place on the University of Memphis’ LAMBUTH campus! This means all students from all churches will be staying in the dorms, and the majority of our activities and worship will be done on campus as well. This is super cool and a great way for all of our churches to really be cohesive and connected.

In addition to the five core churches participating, there are some new churches as well! Churches from Collierville, Selmer, and Dyersburg will be joining us! Another change to Youth Week is that it goes from Sunday evening to Wednesday evening (instead of Wednesday evening to Saturday evening). We hope that this doesn’t discourage or hinder participation in any way. Here are some important pieces of information as you consider your participation.

1. EARLY BIRD COST is $100 (any time before June 1)
2. REGULAR COST is $125 (any time after June 1 but before July 2)
3. Sign up through Lisa Powell – text her or email at [email protected]).
4. Dorms have 2 people per room, with 2 rooms connected by a bathroom. (Yes, they will be same sex suites.)
5. Yes, there will be adult supervision on the dorm room floors!
6. Yes, there will be a curfew!
7. Yes, this cost includes ALL food and fun!
8. Yes, there are opportunities for adults to volunteer!
9. Yes, Grace UMC youth are a huge part of the worship & music leadership this year!
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let Lisa know. If cost is prohibitive for your family’s participation, please contact her. We want as many students involved who WANT to be involved, and cost should never get in the way. We hope that we’ve continued consistent participation in Youth Week. It truly is a remarkable and unique opportunity for our kids to UNITE as United Methodists to do great work together, for the community, as representatives of Christ.